Studio presents: Cliché Showcase with Miya & Sunsiaré

24 Jun 2016
00:00AM  -  03:00AM
Miya: Julié is a Cliché Records resident since its inception, she meticulously blend Nu-Disco and Indie-Dance according the crowd response with a near perfection. Originally from France, Julie has moved to Hong Kong in 2009 where she had the opportunity to play in various venue such as Bassment, Honi Honi. Ozone (the highest bar in the world) as well as various private and corporate event. Sunsiaré: He is half of the Fragrant Harbour Sound System with Ouissam, Sunsiaré is a Hong Kong based french DJ / Producer whose main task is to develop the Fragrant Harbour label and its sub-label “Homesick”. A passionate and versatile artist, Sunsiaré isn’t restrained by a single genre of music and endlessly try to gather all his influences into a recognisable musical identity.