STUDIO presents: The DJ Exchange with EJ Missy (Kyo/ SG)

23 Jul 2016
00:00AM  -  03:00AM
Studio is happy to introduce The Exchange, a great way to discover DJs from various scenes all around Asia. The concept is simple, Studio is partnering with key players in Singapore, Bangkok and Manilla to exchange their best DJs. This time, Studio is welcoming EJ Missy. From an avid clubber who spent most of her weekends soaking up the electronic dance music scene in Singapore and it’s region since the early ‘90s, to quite a fiesty beat-serving jock behind the console, it was yet another natural progression for this self-taught dj. Through her versatility she eventually developed an impeccable taste in electronic music, digitally-coutured mostly for the discerning audience. Currently, when not wearing a marketer hat for club kyo, EJ who has opened for Sebastien Leger, Rodhad, Paul Woolford, Francois K, Move D & Mano Le Tough can be found serving beats and bass in both established bars and clubs in Singapore and it's region, aiming always at the non-commercially pampered ears.