STUDIO Presents Dream Koala

12 Aug 2016
00:00AM  -  03:00AM
Up-and-coming 22 year old French producer Yndi Ferreira, under the moniker of Dream Koala, will be in Hong Kong for a live, intimate show at Studio on the 12th August. Born in the city of Paris and raised by two Brazilian artists, Yndi Ferreira’s interest in music started from the young age of 14. He quickly taught himself to play guitar and to sing. At the age of 18, Yndi was already producing his own tracks, Djing and remixing the likes of Angel Haze and The 1975. When Dream Koala was born, he begun to situate himself upon the international electro scene with style, performing in New York during CMJ a couple of years ago, and earning himself a featured interview spot as part of H&M’s artist campaign, “H&M Loves Music”. He has DJ residencies in nightclubs in his hometown as well as receiving prestigious invitations to the London Boiler Room and to perform at festivals such as Bestival in the United Kingdom. Dream Koala’s most popular tracks which have been heard worldwide by millions of people are “Odyssey” and “Saturn Boy”. As well as his most latest EP “ Exodus” which was released at the end of last year.